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Corrugated cardboard

The company can produce the largest gate 2.2 A corrugated, B corrugated, C corrugated, E corrugated and above 22 combinations, 2, 3, 4, 5 composite corrugated cardboard, the annual capacity of 130 million square meters.


Corrugated box

The company's corrugated carton equipment can meet the large to furniture sofa outer box, small to the electronic box and other sizes of fine printing corrugated cardboard boxes, the annual capacity of 30 million square meters.


Color printing package

The company uses MITSUBISHI full print press, with the maximum print size of 1450x1040mm. It can satisfy all kinds of electronic and electric box packing. All the automatic production lines are used from pre press to post printing. The m


Food packaging

The food cleaning workshop, food packaging special printing machine and rear equipment ensure the safety of food packaging.


Workshop and Equipment

Corrugated cardboard

The corrugated cardboard equipment of Longcheng company uses Taiwan Xie Xu 2.2 meter high speed complex corrugated paper production line, fully automatic control, taking into account the production efficiency and the first-class quality of cardboard;

Clip type quick changing mechanism can produce A corrugated, B corrugated, C corrugated, E corrugated and above composite corrugated cardboard.

Single corrugated corrugated board production line two, can produce B Leng, E Leng, F Leng saw pits.

6000 square meters of raw paper warehouse, 6000 tons of raw paper inventory, to ensure a stable supply of products.

Corrugated box

The company's corrugated carton equipment uses Taiwan long sound full automatic water-based printing slotting die cutting machine two, Taiwan Lian iron four color water-based slotting press, with high speed, high precision printing and large size, and so on;

The main equipment in the latter section includes two units of Shanghai Jin sub automatic flat machine and automatic high speed box nail paste box in Taiwan hall. The automatic production of corrugated cardboard box is realized.

Color printing package

The company's color printing equipment adopts MITSUBISHI 6 color pair open printing machine one, MITSUBISHI 5 color full open printing machine, and 5+1 color pair open printer. Before printing, it adopts Kodak high precision CTP full automatic plate making technology, Epson high precision printer and printing and printing process management system to realize the full process color management from printing to printing.

After the press, full automatic polishing machine, full automatic high speed film mulching machine, automatic papermounting machine, automatic flat machine, automatic box folding box machine, automatic equipment.

Food packaging

The company's food packaging is produced by an independent fully enclosed clean workshop.

A special printing machine for food packaging and a full set of automatic food production equipment are developed.

From the raw materials to the finished products, separate warehouses managed by food requirements are adopted to ensure the hygiene and food packaging safety of products.

Product display

170Million yuan


180Million yuan


197Million yuan


244Million yuan


About Us

Company introduction

The company was founded in November 1, 2001 and invested by Hongkong long you Enterprise Limited 100%.

Its business scope is the production and sale of corrugated cardboard, carton, color paper packaging and related paper products.

The registered capital is US $8 million, with a total investment of US $20 million.

The land area is 100 thousand square meters and the construction area is 46 thousand square meters.



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