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Corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard

The corrugated cardboard equipment of Longcheng company uses Taiwan Xie Xu 2.2 meter high speed complex corrugated paper production line, fully automatic control, taking into account the production efficiency and the first-class quality of cardboard;

Clip type quick changing mechanism can produce A corrugated, B corrugated, C corrugated, E corrugated and above composite corrugated cardboard.

Single corrugated corrugated board production line two, can produce B Leng, E Leng, F Leng saw pits.

6000 square meters of raw paper warehouse, 6000 tons of raw paper inventory, to ensure a stable supply of products.

2.2 m corrugated board production line

1.8 meter single corrugated cardboard production line two

6000 square meters of raw paper warehouse